Shonda Boyd, Owner


Erin Smith, Secretary

“When I think back 10 years ago to the beginning of this crazy adventure I couldn’t have imagined the journey that I was beginning.  I got talked in to helping the new gal the local roping club had hired for the summer get the computer program figured out and the first few ropings under her belt.  She quickly decided it wasn’t a job she wanted and I inherited it by default.  It was a crazy summer and anything but easy figuring out the team roping software, entries, payout and the chaos of team ropers! But I wouldn’t trade the friendships made, the miles traveled or the skills I’ve learned.  People think I’m crazy when I tell them I love my rodeo secretary job but I thrive on the organized chaos of being in the office or the announcer stand, timing, announcing, meeting new people and solving the problems of the day….many times its all of that at the same time.

I met Shonda and Tyler through those team ropings and when Shonda approached me about the National High Stakes Barrel Races I was quick to jump on board; see I’m a barrel racer at heart and you’ll soon see me entering up at the barrel races as well as being the secretary.  I love the format for consistency and that I can compete on my older horse that isn’t as fast as he once was but we haven’t lost our desire for competition.

I can’t see where this adventure takes us but I am so excited for the ride.  I know Shonda has big dreams and the passion to make them become a BIG REALITY for barrel racing.  We invite you to come along for the ride of a lifetime with us here at the National High Stakes Barrel Racing.

Hope to see everyone soon!”


Danielle Tyson, Marketing/Sponsorships

I am native of Wyoming and although I would love to say I was born in this great state, I can only say I was raised here.  As many of you know, being raised in small town Wyoming leads to knowing everyone in that town.  My connection with Shonda and Tyler started at Wheatland High School, but like most of us , we took different paths that led elsewhere.  After many years of toiling with life in different regions Shonda and I both found ourselves back to our roots in Wheatland, Wyoming.

We reconnected but it wasn’t until New Years Eve 2017 that we took our relationship from talking once in a while to talking everyday!  During our visit that evening, Shonda was passionately sharing her vision of the barrel racing with me, but she was concerned with how she was going to go about getting sponsors to help with all of the races.  As we all know, to put on unforgettable events it takes money.  At the time I had a shift at my job and found myself with some extra time on my hands.  My jobs consisted of sales and being in the public eye everyday.  To make a long story short,  Shonda asked if I would be interested in helping with the sponsorship part of National High Stakes and of course I was excited to be a part of this great vision!  So here we are!  Like I told Shonda “I am not groomed in the barrel racing world, but I love people and love to be a part of a vision that is fueled by passion and love!”  I am ready for this ride and I’m excited to see where it goes from here!

Hope to get to meet everyone of you!!